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  • julesp 03/07/09 4:49 am PST

    Seems as though you have a fuel leak and this is dangerous to continue to drive. When you turn the ignition switch, the fuel pump is immediately activated to pressurize the fuel system for the engine cannot run properly w/o adequate fuel pressure because the gasoline has to be in a state of suspension... just the similiar effect when an aerosol can is sprayed. The more pressure in the can, the finer the mist. Gasoline does not burn as a liquid state, only as a gas state and this is why pressure is important. If the fuel trickles in, it is harder to burn. The other possibility is the fuel pressure regulator may be damaged internally and you can only replace it, it cannot or should not be fixed. Sometimes the rubber diaghram breaks or splits inside causing the fuel to be sucked into the engine the way it was not intended... through the vacuum line going to it. There is an emission sticker with some of the the engine specs and it will also say Vacuum Diagram. If your pretty savvy sbout looking at a road map, you should have no problem finding the regulator. Remove the vacuum hose and if it is wet and smells like gas, you have just foumd your problem. Please exercise caution when following instryctions for some of this is work that requires extreme caution!!! The engine should not be hot and safety glasses are a Must!! If all you do is turn the key forward (without starting the car) and check under the car and that vacuum line for leaks, you will have accomplished your 1st major troubleshooting job... assuming you never worked on an auto before. If you have then don't mind me, put this notch in your belt. I hope this helps you and many more! Good day and good fortune.

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