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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/13/11 7:57 pm PST

    fuel pressure regulator? You can test it by pulling off the vacuum line to it, and if gas dribbles out, it's bad. (diaphragm busted). But it could also be weak, and so this test wouldn't work in all cases.

  • citrius91 06/14/11 8:50 am PST

    i checked to see if had gas in the vaccum line i could smell a little in it .i put a pressure gauge on it and it stay at a steady 40 or 60 psi cant remeber now but then it just goes to 0psi for a few seconds then goes straight back to full pressure.i may be wrong but does this sound like its electrical? i swaped around the relays that made no change.what all switches shut off the fuel pump ? thanks jason

  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/14/11 11:17 am PST

    Turns out I see here that your fuel pressure regulator is not vacuum based. That must be a vent hose you found, so maybe a fuel smell is okay in that case.

    You should test the regulator as follows and if it fails, then I'd take a chance and replace it--it's not very expensive.

    the proper test for the regulator would be:

    Fuel Pressure (Key ON, Engine OFF)345-395 kPa (50-57 psi)

  • citrius91 06/15/11 9:28 am PST

    it should be a vaccum style cus ithas a line going to plenum.is there any switches connected inline with the fuel pump? changed fuel pump no water or debre.does the same wether you have the gas cap tight or loose.new plugs and air filter.maybe somthing to do with the emissions is there anything in there circit to shut the fuel pump off? thanks jason

  • citrius91 06/15/11 9:32 am PST

    sorry i ment fuel filter i have not changed the pump yet


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