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  • canddmeyer 08/23/08 8:57 pm PST

    Hmmm, no dashlights or brake lights. What dash lights are you referring to? I had an answer I had to delete because I missed the part about 'no dash lights'. I have no idea what the correlation could be.

    The only dash lights I can think of are the turn signal indicators. The brake light bulbs and turn signal issues are generally two different issues. You could replace the brake lamp bulbs ($10) on suspicion as the bulbs may be dual filament supporting both the brake lamps and the turn signals. The turn signals themselves also have their own lamps in the dash. There is a also a stoplight relay, but with the center mounted lamp working, the relay and brake light switches should be fine. Other than a dash bulb or a taillight bulb, I'm stumped.

  • markiemarc 08/24/08 3:15 am PST

  • markiemarc 08/24/08 3:19 am PST

    Befor you do anything. Check the passenger side FUSE BOX, located at the side of the dash. Locate the area, pertaining to the lights. If needed, check them one at a time. Also, check under the hood on the Driver side and passenger side as well. These fuses are named on the inside cover. If all checks out ok. Stop jump starts of any and all vehicles. There may have been an over load. Check under the driver side dash on the upper brake shaft of the brake peddle. Next to it attaches a brake switch. You may need to replace it. But, befor you do. Take your vehicle to the nearest AUTO ZONE. Go early in the morning, to have it scanned by a computer hand heild tool. they will also give you a free print-out. Oh! scanning is FREE.

  • mwagner21 10/01/08 7:07 pm PST

    I have the same problem.. were you able to resolve the problem. My rear window brake light works but the lower two dont. All bulbs are good and fuses I also replaced the brake switch and still no change. Also my turn signal switch isnt working - all bulbs and fuses good. If i just push the turn signal arm down a little before it clicks the signals will come on but once it clicks in place, they dont work. I'm stumped.

  • 07motecarlo 05/16/09 10:03 pm PST

    Dear god! I have the same problems with my two main break lights! Here is what I found! My wiring is good, fuse is good, both bulbs were replaced. Just playing around I found that the culprit was the turn signal switch! All of these following test (just in the sense of the word "test") were done both with the lights on and off, the car running and not, and with the key in the on position and not.
    Turn the turn signal on in both directions When I turned the right TS on the right break light would quit working... is is supposed to! But when I thurned on the left turnsignal on both would stop working. Even if I just slightly applied pressure downward they would both stop working. If I applied just the slightest bit of preasure up both would begin to work again. In my case anyway. I am going to have to replace the TS switch.... that stinks, but it has to be done!

    Source: My own experience!

  • jnawrocki 08/19/11 1:11 pm PST

    It sounds like the Multifunction turn signal switch to me. It's kind oa a pain to replace because it is in the steering column. Ypou habve to pull the wheel. Make sure you remove the air-bag fuses and disconnect the battery before you start.


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