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  • lokki 06/19/09 2:28 pm PST

    steering wheel buttons

    . you do not need to take remove any dash parts.

    Disconnect battery

    Unplug airbag sensor there are 2 of them. one on driver and the other on passenger side. they both locate under the fuse panel on driver/passenger sides. It's a bright yellow color plastic piece.

    There are 3 screws holes in the steering cover behind the steering wheel. use a medium size screwdriver. make sure the screwdriver you using is not too long other wise you won't get in the hole. if it's too long it will hit the dash. stick screwdriver in the hole and twist it left or right and the cover should pop out. do the same thing to the other screw hole.When you get to the last hole hold on the airbag in front of the steering wheel cause the airbag will drop right out. Do not take out any screws cause you don't need to. when sticking screwdriver in the hole make sure you stick in the empty hole not the hole with screws. You probably need to get on your back to see where the hole is at.

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