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  • zaken1 10/17/08 8:43 pm PST

    I believe the ecbm unit is part of the brake control system; not the fuel system. If that is correct, then the relay you changed has nothing to do with the fuse that blows. It sounds like your vehicle may have anti-lock brakes, and there is an electrical short in the ABS unit, which is blowing the fuse.

    I hope this helps!!!

  • zaken1 10/18/08 12:31 pm PST

    I just wanted to add that the ecbm fuse may also be either directly or indirectly linked to the fuel pump. So even though the ABS system is entirely seperate from the fuel system, a shorted ABS controller may be what is keeping the fuel pump from working. Try unplugging the electrical plugs from the ABS system. Then replace the ecbm fuse, and see if the fuse now holds, and the fuel pump now works.

    I hope this helps!!!


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