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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/24/08 9:02 pm PST

    Sounds like the light switch itself is the next place to look, or a break in a coupler or wiring harness. It's all about step by step, inch by inch to track these electrical glitches down.

  • obyone 09/25/08 12:01 am PST

    When you hooked up headlights with a seperate relay do you mean you installed a relay or used an existing one meant for something else? And since now you unhooked everything and the running lights don't work you need assistance figuring it out?

    I'm confused. You state you have a 1500. Running lights are only available on 3500 series trucks or Sierra Denalis. Did you install the running lights on your own?

    The running lights like the fog lights need to be programmed to function. Perhaps your MacGuyvering caused a loss of function. Best to take it back to the dealer to check if the program has been lost.

  • robb9806 09/25/08 12:10 am PST

    i mean day time running lights. sry ong dayalot on my mind. alli kinow is i turn the keyand there on before i start the truck. i start the truck and they stay on . and i didnt really magyver it however u spell it. i went by directions. i added new relays for them. powerd from the battery but switched threw the other lights so when i turn the key and thos lights come on they wil signal for the new ones to turn on as well. i set up one side of my truck tested them and they worked just fine. i set up the other exactly the same and went to test it and nothing turned on. thats when i disconected it all and tested it and nothing happends and thats were i found out nopower going threw wire anymore and tested the fuses or anything.


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