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  • texases 07/22/08 9:31 pm PST

    I'd get a used one from a junk yard - shouldn't be hard to find. All those metal shaving flying around probably chewed up lots of stuff.

  • paullis 07/23/08 12:03 am PST

    Actually I have a real good look at everything and although I do see a dent and scrape here and there I don't think any of the gearing is broken. I think the fact that it is a P/U with a really light rear end and carrying no cargo the tires slid before any damage to the diff. As I said, I felt in alongside the pinion shaft and I can feel the empty cage of the pinion bearing so all of the metal at the bottom is from that outside bearing and also the inner bearing. I think I have to remove both wheel shafts and then remove the diff. guts. That will give me access to the pinion. I can then drive new inner and outer bearings in. I am guessing and hope someone else will give a better evaluation on how to get it done. Junk yard stuff is just not reliable to me. Thanks for your input.


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