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  • tony78 05/10/08 1:38 pm PST

    Hi, convertibles are really fun cars when the weather is pleasant, other than a hard top the maint intervals would be the same. The covertible top will require extra care though and with this extra care ive seen some of them last 10 years or more, the choices for maint depend on your budget-example, home mechanic, dealer service only, dealer service and professional detailer only, since chrysler manufactured the top, they have formulated special cleaning and service products for thier products, as for the care of the weatherstripping, one thing that you never want to use is aftermarket vinyl conditioners such as ammmm aaa, (if i wrote the name the manuf would get mad at me) these products were originally intended for show vehicles as they will dry out plastics. Then comes the warranty, now i know that you read it, before, you signed/paid for it right?, The dealer should have explained the coverage first, many times some sales people/closers will pressure you into buying one before you had a chance to shop around. Remember, the customer has all the control.



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