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  • redhotzz 08/29/08 12:04 pm PST

    I just had this same issue on my Nissan 300zx. It was a tiny part ($1.76 at NAPA) that is on the brake pedal....that breaks or comes off. It controls the change in cruise control on/off when you hit the break pedal. I'm a RN not a mechanic, but have it checked first...an ez and inexpensive fix if that is it!

    Source: my Nissan mechanic told me what it was.

  • canddmeyer 08/30/08 5:48 am PST

    While the cruise control is integrated with the brakes, it may be the cruise control switch that has failed. There are probably other associated parts, so I'd recommend just letting your mechanic diagnose and repair the cruise.

  • mechinc1 02/20/10 7:03 pm PST

    The second answer is the better one!

    If the check engine light is on then it "may be" the vehicle speed sensor, which is a common problem on Chrysler products.
    There are so many things that could be the culprit so best to go to a trustworthy and well equipped shop.


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