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  • avatar bear0413 02/05/11 9:29 pm PST


    We have a 2007 "Heep" Wrangler Sahara 4 door. Have taken it to the dealer several times regarding the DW. They have messed with the camber and caster settings, they had us buy new tires, brakes, shock stablizer bar, and have an alignment. ALL B.S. None of these things have fixed the problem. Recently we were on the interstate doing 75, when it happened. This time our jeep spun out of control and we almost rolled, we hit the guard rail and came to a stop. Thought we were dead.

    We contacted Chrysler's corporate office and they transfered us to their legal department. We filed a claim. (Customer Claims Resolution Group (888) 922-7329). What a horrific experience, some of the most rude, unprofessional people that can give a hoot about you. Two weeks went by, they sent out a third party inspector chosen by Chrysler. The inspector takes the jeep for a few hours. He tells us that he got the jeep to DW at 50 mph and he was so glad that he was not doing 75 like we were because it was so scary. He claims he's not allowed to give us a copy of his report. So we wait another 10 days and finally a letter from Chrysler arrives. Guess what, "Chrysler Group LLC conducted an investigation into the incident and inspected the vehicle. The inspector found no indication of a manufacturing defect that caused or contributed to the incident. Specifically, the inspector found no problem with the subject vehicle's sterring/suspension system". "Very truly yours, Chrysler". They dont care!!

    There are enough of us that have experienced the DW and hopefully no one has been hurt, but I'm almost certain that someone will be seriously hurt or die from the DW, Lets all get together and file a class action lawsuit against Chrysler. Please contact me if you know of or have an attorney that will take on this issue. If I am able to find an attorney I will post it here. Please people lets not let someone get seriously hurt or die in their Jeep. Lets do something and do it now!



  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/26/08 12:03 am PST

    Does this TSB address the issue you are having?

    NUMBER: 19-003-06

    GROUP: Steering

    DATE: August 30, 2006


    Steering Shimmy OVERVIEW:
    This bulletin involves installing a revised steering damper.


    1997-2006       (TJ)          Wrangler


    Steering shimmy may occur after hitting a bump in the road at highway speeds.


    Check tire dynamic balance. Also check for worn or loose steering & suspension components. Repair as necessary. If the shimmy still exists, perform the Repair Procedure.




    1. Use the procedures outlined in the service information of DealerCONNECT/TechCONNECT 19 - Steering > Linkage > Damper > Removal/Installation to install revised steering damper, p/n 52088959AB.

    Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.


  • tony78 05/26/08 12:31 am PST


    After an answer like that i'd be dropping that puppy off at the dealers doorstep first thing tuesday morning.

  • victim07 06/13/08 9:58 pm PST

    I am so glad that someone else is thinking what I am. We have a 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited and the DW started after we owned it for only 14 months and everything is factory on it. It's in the shop for the second time now and we've already contacted a lawyer. Everyone at the dealership and Jeep acted like they had never heard of such a thing but I see now that it is a well known. Everyone wants to give us advise on possible fixes but I dont want my wife and teenagers taking a chance with this dangerous defect. We are going to demand Jeep buy the vehicle back.

  • 07wrangler1 10/13/08 8:55 pm PST

    I have a 2007 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 4Dr - stock.  Have been to the dealer 3 times with the issue.  I've issued DC my state's Lemon Law letter and filed complaints with the NHTSA.  DC's final fix is a "heavy duty" steering dampner.  Not convinced this will finally solve the problem, the front end's beginning to feel soft again...

  • bb62471 02/13/09 7:03 pm PST

    My Death Wobble started immediately after I installed a set of Coil Spring Spacers (to lift 1.75 inches) on my 2005 Jeep Wrangler X. Turned out, the DW was because while changing the height, I also lowered the CASTER angle in the front end. So, to fix it, I could have purchased a set of eccentric bolts for $50+. Instead I went out and purchased a piece of 1.5 inch flat bar for $10 from OSH. I cut out 4 1.5 inch squares. Then i drilled 7/16 inch holes centerline, but close to one side (in exactly the same place) on all for squares. I then removed the lower control arm bolts, nuts and washers. I installed these square offset washers I made so the front axle would be pushed forward (to increase the Caster angle). The toe setting changed a bit, so I reset them to about 1/8 inch toe in. After driving my Jeep, I noticed there is no more DW. The steering wheel was off center, but after 3 attempts, I have that perfectly centered. I have every intension of having the alignment checked, but not till after I find the new tires I want. If anyone is interested, I can draw out and photograph the cure and send it to you. My e-mail is bb62471(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  • bb62471 03/20/09 8:22 pm PST

    OOPS! I meant by sintalling those spacers, it caused my CASTER to INCREASE, not decrease. Sorry for the confusion. The spacers raised the CASTER degree to +11, so I lowered it back to around +7. After that I re-adjusted the Toe to 1/8" toe in. and the vehicle has driven like new ever since.

  • gypsycreative 08/21/10 1:36 am PST

    While bb62471's answer is a good one, it's more suited to the Jeep Forums, where people talk about all the cool stuff they've done to their Jeeps. Something tells me the OP is going to start drilling iron, adjusting the caster, etc.

    The OP is clearly demanding that Jeep/Chrysler fix this issue. Jeep should at least address it honestly, and the Steering Stabilizer is the solution. From what I can tell, any number of things can be going on, from the track arm to the bushings to the tie rods.

    Bottom line: this a problem that can happen on any live/solid axle car, as opposed to independent suspension.

    It's a best of both worlds issue. Jeep wants to sell a car that can perform off-road, stock, and still function as a highway-suitable grocery getter. Therein lies the problem: If Jeep Wranglers had independent suspension, there would be no "Death Wobble." They also wouldn't have nearly as strong a front axle or the kind of ground clearance they do off-road.

    I say all this because my '01 Wrangler has the same dangerous problem. I'm having the whole front end tightened up/repaired, the alignment checked, and new tires all around. Meanwhile, I keep my TJ off the highway.

    I can't help but agree. This problem is common, and for Jeep to keep telling people to get Steering Stabilizers (almost like temporarily mimicking independent suspension) seems like gross negligence to me.

    Just my $.02

  • bakergirl 10/20/10 1:21 pm PST

    I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler, I have had this Jeep since Late 2007. The first time I had the "Death Wobble" was at 20,000 miles. I was on the freeway going 70 miles an hour in the middle of rush hour traffic taking my 10 month old grandson to an appointment at childrens hospital. We were nearly in a major pile up because I could barely hold it on the road. Luckily, the cars behind me saw what was happening and stopped, opening up both lanes for me to get it under control and get off the side of the road. One car stopped to see if I was okay and said both of my front tires looked like they were about to fly off, they were flopping completly sideways. As luck would have it, I was only 1/4 mile from the Jeep dealer where I bought the Jeep (Fletcher in Little Rock AR). I was really shaken up, because I could have wrecked and killed my grandson. I eased down the shoulder to the off ramp, and wheeled in to the service department of Fletcher Jeep where some guy named Buz or something like that, was sitting behind a desk on a personal call. I told him what had just happened and that I wanted my Jeep checked out because it was not safe. He looked up from his call for about two seconds and said "You have mud in your tires, go to the car wash and clean it out and you will be fine". He then went back to his personal call and acted like I wasn't even there. So I left and went to the car wash, made it to childrens with no problem, so I thought maybe he had been right. Until, on the way back home it did the same thing again, on the freeway doing 70. I was almost to Searcy that time, so I stopped at ORR Jeep. They actually took me seriously, and looked at my Jeep. They replaced the stabelizer shock in the front end. That did the trick, but it only lasted for 20,000 miles, then it did it again. We were out of warranty that time, so my husband put an aftermarket heavy duty shock on this time. So I'm thinking this time that should fix it. Wrong!!! my Jeep now has 60,000 miles on it, and it started doing it again yesterday. So basically, that shock has gone out every 20,000 miles like clock work. I am fed up. I absolutely LOVE my Jeep. But I can not afford to change a shock every 20,000 miles. Not to mention how dangerous it is when the shock decides to go bad. I need the Jeep company to step up and do something about this. This is a major safety hazard.

  • lh2007 11/02/10 9:25 am PST

    I was just curious if anything came about from this? I to have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler and my car recently hit 22,000 miles and I started to get the death wobble.

  • bflint1 11/10/10 2:40 pm PST

    I bought by 07 Jeep Wrangler X 2 years ago with 22k miles. It wasn't long before I experienced my first death wobble experience, where I truly thought by tire had fallen off going around a curve at 65 mph. I was amazed when I got out of my jeep that nothing was wrong, and continued on my way. A few weeks later it happened again, in a much more crowded costruction zone and that was i...time to go to the shop.

    I am happy to report that it only took 2 trips to get my jeep fixed. The tech that helped me the second trip had researched and found out that the defect was in the stablizer bar, and that the 2010 model year had corrected it. They promptly replaced it and I have not had any issues since, 20K miles and almost 1.5 years.

    I hope this helps, because I don't think anyone should have to put up with the constant fear of teh death wobble!

  • cpm3 12/22/10 10:42 am PST

    I bought a new 2007 Jeep Wrangler Death wobble started at 25,000 miles Van Andel flikkema in Grand Rapids has not helped me out at all it goes every 10,000 miles on me and they just replaced my ball joints. DW occurred the day after i got it back from shop. How do we all get together who have this problem and get jeep to be responsible for a defective front end. DW is not only scary it is dangerous and i hope that it doesn't take someone getting killed for them to finally replace it.

  • speedc 12/31/10 10:05 am PST

    I have a 2007 Wrangler 4 door and have had the same problem. I have my Jeep right now at the dealer. I have contacted Jeep Corp. at 800-992-1997. State to the automated answering system "Vehicle Complaint" The stated they may pay for all or part of the repair. They should pay for it all. I had a 1992 Jeep Wrangler and never had this problem. Both Jeeps were all factory. When I dropped it off yesterday they were already trying to state its cause I need new tires. Yeah, I do but the wear on the front tires is alignment wear caused by... you guessed it the "Death Wobble" My old Jeep ran on tires that were showing wires at one time before I could afford to get new ones so its stupid to think its all brought on by tire wear. I will see what they say and go from there. I am prepared to file a complaint with U.S. D.O.T. (Dept of transportation) the link is below. I work for a news talk radio station and am prepared to raise a big stink there too as well as contacting other media contacts around the country. Let's hope it doesn't have to go that far. Jeep should recall and fix this problem. We should not have to pay for it. Especially when it is all factory stock not modified.

    Source: https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/onli

  • bobbyolander 01/14/11 2:52 am PST

    I bought a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in 07 and opted for the full warranty (thank God).

    My death wobbles started on a road trip out of state and after the jeep dealership in Los Angeles repled stabelizer bars I drove off only to have it happen again. At my local dealership they replaced dampers, tried relpacing with after market parts, made me buy new over sized tires, nothing worked. They had my jeep for 2 weeks this last time trying to troubleshoot it. Finally they replaced the streering gear and it has worked for the past two months without death wobbles. DON'T BUY A JEEP UNLIMITED UNTIL JEEP FIXES THIS VIA RECALL OR A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT OCCURS AFTER SOMEONE DIES. It is a just horrible to experience for a new car owner and the dealerships either do not have a clue or are liars. Either way not someone I will put my faith or money with again!

  • bear0413 01/30/11 7:48 am PST

    dont no of any suits can you live with selling a Death Machine to someone else? file report with NSTA als Federal Trade Commission agreed you should not have to pay none of us should, mine 30,000 dollars of junk unsafe to drive, my wife and i almost died from this

  • doctor_m 01/31/11 5:52 pm PST

    I'd love to be part of law suit since its been happening to me since I've bought my Jeep. I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. The 'DEATH WOBBLE" was actually mentioned to me by a mechanic AT Jeep dealership. Probably not the best thing for the dealer to be saying about a product they are selling but at I'm glad he was honest.

    The wobble happens only on highway when I'm driving between 50-60mph and usually a bump sets it off. The last few years I've gone through many tires... for replacing tires was the only thing to fix it immediately. Complete waste of time/money oh and safety? Not sure if accidents or deaths have occurred but just happened to me in the rain like 5 times in 20 miles and seriously thought I was going to die. I have no modifications to vehicle its all factory.

  • bear0413 02/05/11 9:29 pm PST


    We have a 2007 "Heep" Wrangler Sahara 4 door. Have taken it to the dealer several times regarding the DW. They have messed with the camber and caster settings, they had us buy new tires, brakes, shock stablizer bar, and have an alignment. ALL B.S. None of these things have fixed the problem. Recently we were on the interstate doing 75, when it happened. This time our jeep spun out of control and we almost rolled, we hit the guard rail and came to a stop. Thought we were dead.

    We contacted Chrysler's corporate office and they transfered us to their legal department. We filed a claim. (Customer Claims Resolution Group (888) 922-7329). What a horrific experience, some of the most rude, unprofessional people that can give a hoot about you. Two weeks went by, they sent out a third party inspector chosen by Chrysler. The inspector takes the jeep for a few hours. He tells us that he got the jeep to DW at 50 mph and he was so glad that he was not doing 75 like we were because it was so scary. He claims he's not allowed to give us a copy of his report. So we wait another 10 days and finally a letter from Chrysler arrives. Guess what, "Chrysler Group LLC conducted an investigation into the incident and inspected the vehicle. The inspector found no indication of a manufacturing defect that caused or contributed to the incident. Specifically, the inspector found no problem with the subject vehicle's sterring/suspension system". "Very truly yours, Chrysler". They dont care!!

    There are enough of us that have experienced the DW and hopefully no one has been hurt, but I'm almost certain that someone will be seriously hurt or die from the DW, Lets all get together and file a class action lawsuit against Chrysler. Please contact me if you know of or have an attorney that will take on this issue. If I am able to find an attorney I will post it here. Please people lets not let someone get seriously hurt or die in their Jeep. Lets do something and do it now!


  • thejman7 02/12/11 12:48 pm PST

    I bought a used 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that was already lifted and has 33 inch tires. It had all the work done to it that I wanted and being my first Jeep, I was very excited it only had a little over 35K miles on it. I took it wheeling for the first time last summer and had severe death wobble while trying to drive the 150 miles back home. I had to keep it at 45 MPH the entire way because anything over that, the death wobble would start. In my case, the steering damper bracket had loosened up on the trail. I tightened it when I got home and the death wobble stopped. However, I can still feel the shimmy start right at 50 MPH when I drive it. There are many causes of this condition. Chrysler has designed a poor front end on their products after the 90's. Yes, this is a sorry design and they should out right fix it. As most of you have stated, the dealers do nothing and claim ignorance to the problem and the manufacturer will falsify findings to cover their own backs. So, what is one to do here? Well, I have been researching this problem and have hopefully found something that everyone has been waiting to hear about, an ACTUAL FIX for this problem. I cannot give my own personal stamp of approval for what this web site claims, so do your own homework and see what you think. I myself am going to give this kit a try and see what comes of it. These guys have been working on the death wobble issue for nearly 10 years now and have put together very affordable kits to combat this issue. I am not a professional so I will get one to install it for me as well as have them check out the other componenets of the front end as this web site recommends. I love my Jeep and want it to be safe as we all do. Good luck to everyone, hope this helps. Pass this along to the dealerships and watch their jaws drop! What abunch of clowns. Wash the mud off your tires? REALLY? That guy should be fired and brought up on charges! Good luck everyone! Here is the web site for the various kits available: http://www.kevinsoffroad.com/cart/index

  • crysdeon 03/14/11 8:08 pm PST

    Well after experiencing this death wobble for the first time after leaving the dealership, I was scared as hell. Reading several complaints about the same problem and nothing has been done, I think it is past due for all to come together and do something about it. I have a 2008 wrangler unlimited with 45-48k miles and I started feeling the problem maybe 3-4 mos ago. All who have driven my car have experienced the same problem I have felt in the truck. It is very freightening and dangerous. I drive a lot in my vehicle and would hate for something to happen to someone else or myself because Chrysler won't put a recall on the vehicle or honor the problem as something serious and could be deadly. I am ready to get as many as possible together and file a class action law suit against Chrysler since they will not acknowledge that they may be at fault here and rectify the problem in a professional manner. So to answer your questions I have not heard of any lawsuits against Chrysler and I am willing to come forward as the first person to get the ball rolling.

  • hellbound13 04/22/11 1:31 am PST

    I highly suggest that everyone who has this very dangerous problem that Chrysler won't fix also report it to the NHTSA here..


  • minnetonka 04/22/11 9:10 pm PST

    I have a DW Jeep Wrangler Unlimited too. My story is the same as everyone else's. Same mileages 20K & 55K. Highway, turning corners, running over bumps. Same steering shock fix, new tires etc.. I will file a claim. I will also be willing to participate in a class action lawsuit. Can someone take the lead?

  • sam08jk 06/02/11 12:58 am PST

    I have an 08 Jeep Wobbler Unlimted. I bought it new with about 5 miles on it. Still completely stock. I first experienced the DW around 4k miles, but only ever on one highway ramp. Around 20k miles it became more prevelant. I had also been taking it in for ECU problem which they finally fixed at 30k. I had hoped it was related. But upon going on a roadtrip from VA to OK, I found it was still there. I also noticed that in many of the states I drove through they had better maintained highways so I could drive for 500+ plus miles without a problem, but as soon as I hit some patchy or rough roads it would go skipping down the highway.

    I just had my steering dampener replaced but haven't had a chance to see if it corrected the problem. I can estimate by 100k miles DW will have cost me several thousand dollars in unnecessary or premateur repairs. Including my tires that continually lose air when it occurs, as well as brakes and steering/suspension components being beaten by such a violent shake. It's so bad that other vehicles will clear space around me on the highway when it happens, how often do you see that happen?

    Since this problem seems to be unique to Jeeps it is past time they find a fix and issue a recal. Since they have not, I too would to see a class action lawsuit filed against them. The best I can hope is that they at least properly fix the problem, replacement of tires and other parts worn excessively due to DW seem to be in order at this point. I think it's rediculous that I pay $30,000 for a vehicle that is dangerous to drive at 55mph. In the mean time I will press the issue with Chrysler/Fiat whatever and file a complaint with NHTSA. Hopefully it won't take 30+ wrongful death suits to get this fixed.

  • hellbound13 06/03/11 2:28 am PST

    Another 08 Jeep Wobbler here. I have replaced everything in the front suspension trying to fix Jeep's poor design. It has literally cost me thousands of dollars and the problem still persists. These vehicles are junk. a $25,000 vehicle should be able to be driven without fear of death every time you hit a bump. Chrysler has lost a customer forever. I also suggest everyone file an online report with the NHSTA. I hope Chrysler gets sued when someone dies from this.

  • kkjeepgrl 06/14/11 4:05 pm PST

    Another 08 Jeep Wrangler here! I just took my jeep back in for the 5th time to have this DW problem fixed! I told them i dont want it back until they guaruntee me in wrting that they have fixed this problem. I told them after this time I will hold them fully liable for anything that is to happen because of this. It is the scariest thing ever and one day someone will seriously die or get hurt from this. I refuse for that person to be me or my daughter. I am all for a lawsuit I will be fully involved. I bought this Jeep brand new and with in 5 months it was in the shop for this problem. Now 4 years later it is back for the 5th time for the same thing. its rediculous. please keep me uipdated if anyone wants to pursue anything with this! Our lives are in jeopary with this problem and i will not drive it until they correct it! I am livid about this situation!

  • kkjeepgrl 06/14/11 4:28 pm PST

    I just called and filed a complaint with the NHTSA and they said to also call and file a complaint with the federal trade commission. JUST FYI!!

  • michealf 08/15/11 10:51 am PST

    I just bought a 2004 Wrangler unlimited with 44500 miles on it.. I thought I had a wheel balance problem(I wish!). Turns out I have traded one lemon ( Rav4) for another. I have filed a complaint about the wobble that occures between 55 and 60 MPH with the NTSB. I recomend we all do the same. This is my third Jeep, the other two being Cherokees, and while I love Jeeps this could be a deal breaker for any future Chrysler purchases since the will not even ackonwledge the problem, let alone fix it. MIke F Indianapolis,IN.

  • dmtruax 09/02/11 1:28 am PST

    I have owned my 2007 wrangler for 9 months, I owe more on it then it is worth. I live and work in western North Carolina, I was doing 40 on my way home from work on a curvy mountain road and my jeep wobbled to the point I thought I had blown a tire or 2, I am thankful to be alive. I was told by the dealership that this is not covered under warrenty, a warrenty that I paid $2500, for when I purchased my jeep. When I took it in to the dealership the guy behind the counter said he could not repete the clam as a death wobble, and I would be out of pocket for the repairs, and that they could not gaurantee it would fix the problem. WTF. Can they not man up and realize they are screwing the working class, if I would of died could my children sue on my behalf? I am lost, broke, and hope to get rid of this problem.

  • okebaby 09/03/11 4:16 pm PST

    I purchased a 2005 Jeep wrangler rubicon, in 2008. I owned this jeep for a month when it started doing this Death Wobble, that I have been ready about. This is a scarey thing, I didn't realize that it had a name. The first time my jeep did the death wobble I was going 50-55 mph, I thought the wheels were going to come off, the steering wheel was shaking so bad and noticed that when I put the brakes on it would get worse, Hence making me think I had, had a blow out. Pulled over all tires were fine, got it to dearlership, they said I needed new tires, thats all that was wrong with it. So had new tires put, it drove fine for a while then started up again, took back to dealership, told me tires were just off balanced. It drove fine for a while, about 2 weeks. Started doing it again.
    I was on the road in november 2010, it started that wobble, I pulled over at a gas station ever thing appeared fine, got gas and started back out, as I pulled off from the green light there was a sound of metal breaking, at that time I was only going 10 mph roughly, the steering wheel lost control, it took myself and wife turning on the steering wheel to get the jeep to the shoulder, I get out and both front tires are both pointing out. The tie rod had broken. At the time and up until now I had been thinking it was bad work done on the jeep, when i would take it in and get the tires balanced and rotated to control the wobble. But after reading what other people have said about this Death Wobble, I am fully convinced that it was the wobbling that caused that tie rod to break, I would hate to think the outcome if I had been going 50 mph or more and that tie rod break. The jeep continues to wobble, I can only drive about 45 mph everywhere I go.
    I agree something needs to be done, before someone gets killed. After reading this I am wanting to get rid of this jeep now, but will be upside down if I trade it in. The jeep people need to stand up and fix this problem.

  • sue100 10/31/11 10:23 am PST

    We have a 2008 and it has been doing the DW for over 2 years. The first time it happened we thought it was just a fluke, so we ignored it. It didn't happen again for another year. Now it happens frequently at 82 klms per hour when you hit a bump. We have had all new tires installed and aligned and it still happens. According to research, this is a very comon, dangerous problem! Jeep, fixed this issue in their 2010 model, so it can be fixed!

  • cesarrsordo 11/08/11 9:59 pm PST

    I have a 07 Wrangler Sahara 4Dr with DW. Last year I replaced stabilizer bars shocks, etc. and over $1K later problem started again after only 6K miles. The DW is extremely dangerous. I am considering filing a class-action against Chrysler cause obviously they are not addressing this very common and serious problem. How many vehicles are affected by the DW?


  • luk3r 12/05/11 10:20 am PST

    Same thing here. 07' Wrangler Unlimited. Had a bit of wobble before the lift. Lifted it, got pretty bad wobble. Had the tires rotated. INSANE DW. In most cases I'd suggest it's probably something (on stock jeeps) like a stabilizer or loose track bar. But when you throw a lift on it, so many aspects change. I need to find time torque everything down. One thing that I DID notice, is this: I got my Jeep aligned after it was lifted...steering wheel was centered. Great! After about 200-300 miles driven, the steering wheel is now cocked to the side.

  • lwmorris 01/05/12 5:49 pm PST

    I actually was set on a 2007 Wrangler Unlimited... Everything was PERFECT on it!!

    Then, I drove it on the highway... got the infamous DW that I had read about prior to driving it... and decided that the vehicle wasn't for me.

    Sure, there are 'fixes' for it... but are they 'fixes' or are they 'patches'?

  • wrangler_2008 01/10/12 12:43 pm PST

    Death Wobble on a 2008 Wrangler... Bought Oct.2011. First experience about a month ago, groove in freeway, thought well, that was weird. Happened again two weeks later entering a freeway on-ramp. Pulled over checked tires, underneath etc.. seen nothing unusual. good to go... this weekend, went to see the movie "Devil Inside". already had goosebumps when it happened again at a freeway offramp... Then twice Monday morning on the way to work on the Freeway. I agree like others that this is about the scariest thing to happen to you & you never know when it will manifest itself. Wrangler is in the shop at this moment & they are looking into it. I searched & found DW & I am very disturbed as this appears to be a re-occurring problem even once fixed... It is such a cool vehicle to own, but like others, I'm afraid to drive it on a freeway now.

  • wrangler_2008 01/10/12 3:48 pm PST

    Death Wobble on a 2008 Wrangler... Continued... Dealer said it was leaking hydrolic fluid from the steering damper & needed replaced. $250.00. Amazed the EasyCare GOLD warranty doesn't cover death wobble and feel double duped that I bought a vehicle service contract that's not worth the paper it was printed on. But, I'm OK with $250 if it solves the issue. I'll repost if DW continues..

  • goldenp51 02/04/12 3:32 pm PST

    DW here on my 06 Jeep Wrangler also

  • twomilehigh 02/17/12 8:01 pm PST

    For those dealing with DW on JK's, a major factor in the cause is that Chrysler used 14mm bolts in 9/16th holes. This leads to 1-2mm of play in the suspension components which causes the track bar (this keeps the axle inline with the frame) to shift in the frame and axle mountings causing DW. This ovals out the component mounts and wears out bushings. Buying new, correctly size, bolts to replace the undersized 14mm ones should solve most of your DW issues, as it did mine, 07 2dr Rubi. After that check all the ball joints on it, because Chrysler used weak ball joints on the vehicle.

    There are a few in depth explanations on the on various Jeep JK forums. If you are unsure about doing repair work yourself ask your local Jeep club for a reputable 4x4 shop. The “stealership” will only replace the steering stabilizer. This is because if they admitted the bolts were undersized the would have to recall every solid axle Jeep from the last decade.
    Edit: Interestingly enough Chrysler does sell a replacement bolt kit. However, they will not warranty the problem, but will gladly sell you the kit and charge you labor to install the "upgrade" kit........


    Source: http://www.jk-forum.com/showthread.php?

  • katiesuzie 02/29/12 10:52 am PST

    Just adding on to let you all know I have filed complaints with the NHTSA and the NTSB- I am really hoping that enough people will file a complaint to get this fixed. My jeep as DW five times in two months, between December 22, 2011 and February 17, 2012. They put a new dampener on it first, which obviously didn't help. Now they are putting new tires on it, which I don't think will help. Every time it happens it damages other componants so you HAVE to fix all damaged componants at once in order for a permanent fix. A dealership is going to fix the main problem because that is cheaper for them.

    Anyway, I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, if that helps anyone. Here are the links to those websites, I strongly encourage everyone to file a complaint or at least request information regarding the problem or how to file a complaint.


  • gperzcreeperz 03/12/12 10:55 am PST

    I'm not going to point fingers, but here's the truth. The bolts that hold the upper and lower control arms and track bars are too small. They are threaded all of the way through, to boot. What happens is that the bolts have room to move and the threads begin to chew up the bushings, allowing the vibration frequency to travel through the suspension. Long aand short, here's your fix http://www.northridge4x4.com/proddetail
    . Plan on replacing your bushings as well.

  • hyperbolicx 03/12/12 11:05 pm PST

    I am an ex Service and Parts District Manager from Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge. I can tell you that on the old "Cherokees" there DEFINITELY was a death wobble. I know that is a different model but listen to the story. This particular customer didn't experience it all of the time. Randomly out of the blue it would begin SEVERE shaking. So the customer kept a video camera in his Jeep and the next time he experienced it he was on the freeway and he started to film. Of course it was obviously VERY dangerous so in exchange for a the only copy of the tape, Chrysler purchased his Jeep from him. This was an order from Detroit. As District Manager I had NO input on the situation at all,,,I was TOLD what to do......So the moral of the story is, unrepairable issues DO exist. I think some of my counterparts experienced some "Wrangler" death wobble but I never encountered any. Chrysler will do everything they can to 'repair' the issue and if you have any aftermarket equipment installed they will do their best to blame it. It's impossible for anyone to diagnose the issue over the internet or over the phone but suffice it to say,,,if the dealer isn't giving you any satisfaction and they've given it multiple attempts,,,simply make a video of it and email it to the Service Manager at the dealership talling him unless it is resolved you are going to #1) the local news stateion and #2) get an attorney.......As long as you have a stock vehicle with no modifications, a significant repair history and adequate notification to Jeep,,,,you should see some results......Just a final note,,,with film,, an Attorney would have a hay day with this....To that end, although this doesn't fall under Lemon Law, those types of attorneys tend to be experienced in the repair process and what a manufacturer will do.........Good luck!!!

  • dzigray 04/06/12 11:12 am PST

    Heck with the suit -- the CEO of JEEP/Chrysler should be called before the U.S. Senate on this one! By comparison, Toyota's issues pale next to those of JEEP's.

    My '96 Jeep Cherokee has had the exact same Death Wobble issue -- with the exact same FLAWED design goes back at least to 1996. As others reported, I thought my front-end fell off while doing 65MPH with a car full of kids! (and on a clean stretch of a new highway with NO potholes). Modest research will show this unresolved design issue has gone on forever.

    I took it to a Midas shop where an ex-JEEP mechanic had been working and was "intimate" with the DW issue. Changing out my steering stabilizer/damper solved the issue for about two years (and I swear he also mounted it on the reverse side of the arm to eliminate additional play from the standard bolts/bushings being undersized (see additional related issue in this thread between bolt sizes of 14mm and 9/16").

    A couple of years later -- I'm now getting lots of vibration again around 55mph -- and swapping out the steering stabilizer isn't solving the issue this time. I'm convinced there are major design issues elsewhere in Jeep's steering and that the stabilizer is just a last-ditch way to mask them -- but when that fails, all heck breaks loose!

    If Jeep is ever called before the Senate, I hope they also have to answer the issue where the computer will kill the engine (even if the car is travelling at highway speeds) when a failing "crank position sensor" (CPS) under-reports to the computer. The similar driver's need to react quickly is about the same as with the DW issue.

  • dcunh00ked 05/16/12 11:43 am PST

    OMG, I am SO happy I found this!!!!!!!! It is NOW May, I have been bringing my 2010 Jeep Wrangler into Croton, NY Dodge since October 2011 for this issue! It is getting worse and it actually frightning! I don't really complain about much and am a tough girl, but the last time this happened I called my father in hysteria, I thought I was definitely going to end up in a ditch for no fault of my own, sunny, clear skies day, straight path, not even going fast! I am going on my FIFTH time bringing this car in, now to a different dealership, since Croton Dodge couldn't of been of more bull and excuses, of less help and tried to appease me, I'm think they are a little sexists as well, I brought a male with me, he got under the carriage, they stumbled on their words.... - pathetic, disgusting representation. I have abut 1200 miles left with my warranty, they have been trying to milk it.... 8 MONTHS and MY SAFETY MOSTLY AT HAND! What a cover up, what a scam! Can anybody please tell me what suits they have filled or have been filed? Please, thank you! I am disgusted and sickened to my stomach that Chrysler doesn't care about the lives of people! Please reply. Thx, =)


  • tlinders 07/11/12 10:52 am PST

    We have had our 2007 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited for about 18 months. About a year ago we started experiencing the death wobble. We have taken the Jeep into numerous shops including the dealership and have spent well over 1,500.00 and yet the Jeep still death wobbles. On July 8, 2012, our teenage son was driving the Jeep and experienced the most violent death wobble to date, just before the bracket that holds the steering stabalizer broke. Thankfully he was already slowing down in an attempt to stop the death wobble and was able to safely pull over. The Jeep is now at the shop for repairs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thomas Linders.

  • Stever@Edmunds 07/11/12 12:26 pm PST

    Here's the latest in the news:

    "In April [2012], the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejected the lawmakers' request for a formal investigation of 2005-10 Jeep Wranglers.

    "All manufacturer vehicles equipped with a solid axle can be susceptible to this condition and, if experienced, it is routinely corrected with a change of tires or installation of a simple steering dampener."

    House Dems ask Chrysler to assist owners on 'Jeep Death Wobble' (Detroit News, 7/6/12)


  • traceyhu 07/30/12 8:44 pm PST

    2007 Jeep Sahara 4 door

    Severe Death Wobble

  • bigbankfrank 11/20/12 6:25 pm PST

    2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 32,000 miles. I first felt the DW on a slight left going 35-40mph and thought I blew a tire as the front was shaking like crazy. jump out everything looks fine. figured the tires needed a balance and rotation so had that done. oh. not it. took it to the dealership and they changed out the stablizer. it has gotton worse. The steering has more play then ever. It's most noticable at about 50mph getting on the highway. I'm getting sick of having to white knuckle it everywhere. I now can feel the wheel and detect it and control the speed to counter the DW. problem is I'm going 50 on a 70Mph highway. It is not safe. My jeep is currently in the shop for the second time. The service guy explained it to me on the phone a moment ago and said that due to the wear patterns in the tires and the fact I have aftermarket rims on it that it's clearly the problem. BS I said. He then quickly said that he has some really nice factory rims with oversized tires he would like to sell me. listen i wasnt born yesterday and thanks to all the posts here i realize that there is a serious problem with these Jeeps. My rims are 17" with a standard road tire. it's not lifted with big tires. It's pretty much stock. I'm pulling my hair out right now. I told my wife that they would come back with the response that they did. I bet they didnt even drive it or look at it again since it was in their shop 3 days ago. I set the the trip to see if it had been driven. I love this jeep but looks like i'm going to have to take a bath and unload it. I'm going to be checking back to see if anybody makes any way with some sort of Class Action. I would think if it every came to that it would put Jeep out of business. I live in Dallas and I see Jeeps everywhere, I often wonder if this is happening to all of them or are we just the "lucky ones"

  • beachgal2 11/26/12 7:12 pm PST

    @ Mr. shiftright.... appreciate your detailed answer, but I had that part replaced a few months ago. The DW continues.... BTW I took my 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to an authorized Jeep dealership for diagnosis ($95) and they wanted to charge me $300+ for steering damper repair. I have TWO warranties I bought with purchase in Feb, 2011 & it wasnt a covered repair so I took it to a local garage I trust & they charged me $100. As stated above it didn't fix problem. Just got back from a trip to visit family and DW occured 3 times... skeered the bejezus outta me & my g'son who was in the vehicle with me. I'm so thankful we were able to pull over and avoid someone hitting me from behind or even worse an accident from no vehicle control!!

    Can someone please just tell me what to have fixed? There's got to be a common denominator to all of these occurences!! I think a class action lawsuit would take years and I want to continue to enjoy my Jeep, driving onto the beach, etc. but now I'm afraid to travel for fear of an accident!

    Do you have any additional information? Appreciate any light you can shed on the issue. Warm regards.....


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