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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/03/09 4:20 pm PST

    The book is wrong.

    Clutch pedal adjustment procedures are incorrectly specified in the following Workshop Manuals:
    This Service Bulletin contains correct clutch pedal adjustment procedures for affected vehicles.
    For proper clutch pedal adjustment the clutch switch (cruise control-equipped models) or adjusting bolt (models without cruise control must be backed out 1/2 turn before locking the lock nut

    1. a. If equipped with cruise control: Remove the clutch switch connector. Loosen the locknut, then turn the switch out until there is a gap between the switch plunger and the clutch pedal

    b. If not equipped with cruise control: Loosen the clutch pedal adjusting bolt so that there is enough gap between the clutch pedal and the adjusting bolt to allow push rod adjustment.

    2. Loosen the clutch master cylinder push rod lock nut. Turn the push rod by hand to set the clutch pedal height to within specifications

    3. a. If equipped with cruise control: Turn the clutch switch until the switch plunger is fully retracted against the clutch pedal arm
    Back out switch 1/2 turn, then lock the clutch switch lock nut. Connect the clutch switch connector

    b. If not equipped with cruise control: Turn the adjusting bolt until it just touches the clutch pedal arm, then back out 1/2 turn. There should be clearance between the arm and the end of the bolt . Lock the lock nut.
    4. After adjusting the clutch pedal height, push the clutch pedal by hand to ensure the clutch pedal free play is within specifications. If necessary, repeat Step 3.


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