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  • wern10 04/13/08 3:18 pm PST

    at 110,000 miles you are a ways past your scheduled shock and strut replacement period.you are bond to develope trouble.since the best struts and shocks made are recommended to be changed every 30-40,ooo...more often if you drive on really bad streets...shocks and struts contibute a whole lot to the stability of your ride not just a comfortable ride.if you go to long on bad strts and shocks you will cause more damage than what needs to be to the front and rear suspension...bad struts and shocks ride onthe support springs alone and then they get weak and have to be replaced and some of those parts are available only through the dealer so you know thats an expensve fix.bad stuts and shocks cause your tie rods inner and outer to have to endure more stress which in turn ause more and un needed wear on the rack and pinion "steering" which increases the wear on the power steering pump causing premture wear,not only are you causing every other frt and rear suspension component to prematurely fail and endangering you and everyone near you,your using more fuel trying to get the vehicle to be as it was and its fighting itself with a bad alignment due to the excessive force needed to keep the car going straight. you may not notice a whole lot but theres a lot of forces at work under your car and the struts and shocks are like the back bone to a true straight alignment.iyou get your struts and shocks replaced I can guarantee that "if you have no other suspension issues" your fuel mileage will prove the handling of your vehicle will improve and the over all driving pleasure will be back.its hard to under stand what gives the car that driving appeal, but a good tite suspension is like one of the nicest things about a car besides powe.have your suspension checked thoroughly to insure your tie rod ends "inner and outers" are ite and thatthe alignment isnt totallly out of whack...if you need more info. i'll be glad to help you.....

  • midnightblue1 08/13/10 4:24 pm PST

    My 2002 Camry Solara has 141,000 miles on it, and I am replacing the shocks and struts today. Started to get a rattle over certain bumps a bit ago. But I drive the Cross Bronx Expressway four days a week, so it's really a miracle!


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