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  • Stever@Edmunds 01/24/12 10:42 am PST

    The big question with Suzuki is whether they are going to continue to sell cars in the US. Rumors keep circulating that Suzuki is going to pull out of the US and perhaps Canada. The lastest one I read was that Suzuki pulled their entire US ad budget for 2012. But similar rumors have been flying since at least 2006. Check out Post 160 there too.

    Who knows if all the rumors are true, but it really doesn't matter how good the car is if your local dealer folds or if you can't get warranty service on a road trip. There's around 250 US dealers currently.

    Overall US sales are pretty low. (link)

    Great warranty and you wouldn't see others driving your car around town. Edmunds' editors like the Kizashi.

  • texases 01/24/12 11:10 am PST

    As good as the car is, I'd pick a different make for the reasons described above. Even if it's only a 25% chance that Suzuki will pull out, it's not worth the risk to me for such a big $$ purchase. Plenty of other good cars out there.

  • morin2 01/24/12 10:33 pm PST

    I considered the same popssibility that Suzuki might leave the US - but then realized that's been a topic of discussion for at least a decade. I bought a suzuki sx-4 selectable AWD 6-speed in 2011 because it had what I wanted and nothing that I didn't want, and at a bargain price. If the worst happens and suzuki disappears, the cars are global so parts shouldn't be a problem - although there may be a wait for parts after a period of time following suzuki departure and parts drying up in the US. Its not a big problem if the car is one of several in your personal fleet and you can wait for parts. The cars don't really need dealerships for service. My dealer is about 75 miles away.

    I'd buy another one.

  • Stever@Edmunds 01/26/12 3:54 pm PST

    So much for the rumor mill and the claim that Suzuki was zapping their US ad budget. Inside Line reports that Suzuki is buying a 2012 Super Bowl ad to promote the Kizashi.

    Better go buy one fast, Wasis101 before demand jumps up and the dealer raises the price.

    Suzuki Relies on Dogs To Pitch 2012 Kizashi in Super Bowl Ad

  • jho21 01/27/12 4:30 pm PST

    Not sure what Suzuki has to get the rumors to go away...it's going on 6 years now since they started (probably thanks to a similar sounding small Japanese brand Isuzu exiting the US??). I'm sure they wouldn't be investing in a Super Bowl ad if they have some sort of clandestine exit strategy for the US market...

    Source: http://kizashikicks.com

  • Stever@Edmunds 01/27/12 4:42 pm PST

    Good point about Isuzu and the effect that pullout has had on Suzuki, and Mitsubishi too.

    There's still a lot of Troopers running around and people don't seem to have any trouble getting parts for them.

  • wasis101 01/28/12 4:59 pm PST

    I purchased a 2012 SLS FWD Kizashi. No 2013s were on the lot. I am not sure if they will be made available here in the US or not. I think I am going to love my new car. Thanks everyone for your shared thoughts!

  • morin2 01/28/12 11:07 pm PST


    Hey, with everything else in the world and in our lives to worry about, I think the concern about Suzuki maintaining a presence in the US is pretty darn far down my list.


  • rcopa1 01/30/12 9:46 pm PST

    This is a great car. Just ask anyone who owns one, or google it for great review after great review. Yea, if you want to play it safe, boring, and be like everyone else on your block buy an Accord or Camry. If you want something that is unique, priced right, and fun to drive then this might be the car for you. I have had this car for 9 months and love it more today then when i bought it. The difference between Suzuki and some other car makers who have left the market, like Isuzu, is that they didnt have great product. They didnt have a car like this in their lineup. I swore i would never buy another Asian car because they just have a certian drive and ride, this car is differnt. With this car you are getting Asian quality with German handling and ride. Suzuki sells more cars in Japan than any other company. They are big globaly and have deep pockets. They need to get the Swift over here ASAP and build on the success of this great car.

  • ronbit 05/29/12 10:45 pm PST

    I purchased a 2011 model and Ki am very happy with the car. I have Had no paint issues what so ever. The car is one of the nicest that I have owned. This is the fourth Suzuki that I have had, and is by far what I consider the best model of anything Suzuki has made.

  • kizashigal 11/29/12 9:12 pm PST

    I own a 2011 Kizashi SE, and it has given me 25000 trouble free miles so far. If you are looking to keep a car until its wheels fall off, then I think this is a amazing car. If you get bored of cars and like to trade up every few years, and with the bankruptcy, re-sale may not be great. This car has more standard features then most cars in its class, as well as one of the few that has AWD as an option. I live in Colorado, so my choices were between a subaru, fusion, and a few other models. They were much more expensive with less standard features, and some required premium fuel. At 28-30 mpg, you can't ask for much better for AWD that you can turn on when you need it. I bought mine from a dealer that sold several brands, so I know they aren't going anywhere, but if you don't have that option, then service may be an issue. You should get a great deal on one, but there are not as many to choose from as there only about 3,500 vehicles left out there from what I heard. Drive one, they will impress, and they claim to be honoring the 10 year 100,000 warranty.


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