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  • alaskanj 12/05/10 7:32 pm PST

    With a 140,00 miles on the ride it could be anything, water pump, radiator, old wore out hose, loose hose clam, bad thermostat gasket....There are diagnostic tools to isolate these types of leaks quickly and safely....Sounds like your bringing it to all the wrong places... Find the right shop and ask them to troubleshoot your coolant leak, but dont just start throwin parts at it.. I would disagree to the steel seal, those are only bandaids and dont solve the problem unless you plan on not putting any money into the car...

  • rustedorbusted 12/19/10 1:16 pm PST

    being a gm product i would lean twards intake gaskets presureize the coolant system and look all around the intake for a leak if you replace the gaskets use the felpro no seep gasket set not the junk oem style as far as sealants DONT thay are only a temp fix wont even help on an intake leak allit will plug is the heater core and raidiator

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