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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/24/09 11:31 am PST

    Well the code is telling you that it detects some kind of vacuum leak in the system. You'll have to diagnose it further to track down the culprit. It's possible the gas cap seal is no good, but it could also be any looseness in the lines that service the evaporative control system. A repair shop can use a tester to pressurize the system and track down the leak or fault.

  • karjunkie 11/24/09 12:06 pm PST

    You should replace the gas cap before doing anything else. It is a $20 item and often will cause these codes to appear even when it looks good. You can also try coating the gas cap rubber seal with some vaseline to see if that clears the problem. If not, the most likely problem is the top vent valve solenoid is located on the side of the gas tank. This is a common problem due to the topping off of the gas tank after the pump clicks off.


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