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  • snowball2 12/05/09 9:00 pm PST

    the sensor wont fall into the trans,the flywheel has a tone ring that the sensor reads,so it is impossible for it fall in just do what youcan to get the metal parts out of it and just chip away at it with needle nose pliers,just be careful not to bang on it because you will ruin the tone ring,now when you go to put the new one in makesure you have a .30" or an inch spacer paper it should come with the new sensor already glued on to it,just apply enough pressure to make sure it is making contact with tone ring,and tighten it down,this paper adjusts the gap the sensor needs to read the tone ring correctly,just take your time removing old one and you should be allset,dont worry to much about dropping little pieces of plastic the flywheel will chew it up without a problem

  • oldmechanic2 12/09/09 1:59 pm PST

    Thanks for the advice. I'm picking away at the plastic but when I get down to the magnet what should I do since the plastic is hard as a rock and the only method that is working at the moment is either by picking at it with needle nose or lightly tapping with a screwdriver. I'm not hitting into the housing as you warned - only tapping to the sides to loosen a tiny piece of plastic.

    In other words, once I get to the magnet I'm afraid the plastic surrounding the magnet will require some strong chipping. Wont I damage the ring or push the magnet into the housing?

  • snowball2 12/11/09 9:05 pm PST

    what you could do is take a drill and go down the side of the magnet on the outside of the hole,go just enough to penetrate the trans,hole big enough to get a pick beside the magnet and try to flip this thing on its side and grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers,a 1/4" drill bit is big enough,wont mess with the structure of transmission,just do this opposite of bolt hole

  • oldmechanic2 12/19/09 1:05 pm PST

    Snowball2 -

    I finally got the sensor out thanks to you. This is my son's car who is in college and I thought I was going to destroy the tranny - so your advice was a life saver. Two final questions I hope: As you suggested I used a pick to turn the last remaining piece of magent which I pushed onto the tone ring. I was really sweating it when it was magnetized to the ring and kept slipping out of sight. Finally got it back in the housing and used the pick and out it came - but only about 60% of the end was there and I could swear that I saw a complete round end. I think in the process of drilling and picking the other half disspeared. The ring is not damaged as I took extra care to not bang or drill into it as you warned. I checked the ring with my finger and couldn't feel any pieces that were not visible. Hopefully this will be ok?

    I replaced the sensor with a part from NAPA and not only did it slide right in, there's space between the housing and sensor. Should I be concerned there's a gap?

    Thanks again.

  • snowball2 12/19/09 7:20 pm PST

    the only concern is the air gap did the new sensor come with a piece of paper on the end of it because like i hadmentioned before there needs to a 30 thousands gap


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