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  • scavic1 02/01/12 12:46 pm PST

    2005 santafe: after searching internet besides the tail lite filaments as cause for malfunction of cruise control (cruise lite on but cannot set/or accelerate. I read a post by a Hyundai service tec that said every third santafe with that prob the switch on steering was faulty.
    Two phillips screws removes the switch unit and unplug is easy from harness. There are two printed circuit boards that are perpendicular to each other and are electrically joined by four (4) soldered pins from one board to the other....a gentile wiggle of that joint revealed that the solder joints were broken on one or two of the four...... with a FINE solder tip you can re-solder those loose joints being very careful NOT to bridge one pin to another......repair 100%


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