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  • colin_l 08/25/09 11:24 am PST

    What year and model of Z3 do you have? If it is VANOS-equipped (and it probably is), this could be an issue with the cam phasing mechanism.

  • z32000hou 08/26/09 9:49 am PST

    This is a 2000 Roadster 2.3, 2.5L engine.

  • colin_l 08/26/09 11:11 am PST

    Yes, you definitely have VANOS cam phasing.

    It is pretty expensive to replace the VANOS system. I am not aware of any means to repair it, but perhaps there is a sensor related to it that can be replaced. You might have some luck googling, or heading to a BMW-specific discussion, to see what others have done when this type of error occurs -- any discussion of this code using a double VANOS equipped engine produced within 3-5 years of your 2000 is probably relevant.

    Odd personal note, the prospect of a VANOS repair for >$2,000 on my '95 M3 is why I sold it. However that car was running just fine, no codes, but VANOS was making a chattering noise. It was probably 6 months from serious issues. ;)


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