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  • ral2167 04/09/10 4:52 am PST

    XM radio is very good. You get espn radio, fox sports radio, mad dog radio, sporting news radio and with best of sirius, the NFL network. Then there's the non-sports stations-- the music of any choice, news stations, comedy, etc.... You need to subscribe and this won't be an issue for you. Disable FM2, if any thing.

  • mexjohn 04/22/10 11:49 pm PST

    I can find no way to disable the XM. Going into setup, it's possible to disable HD radio, but not the others from what I can find. I'm not sure that after the 3 month trial period that option will disappear either, just not be available to hear. Pushing the mode button will likely still cycle through all the choices.


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