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  • texases 06/17/10 6:05 pm PST

    You might google 'honda black death', turns out the 2004 CRV had massive AC failures, I don't know what Honda's doing for the owners, worth checking out.

  • Stever@Edmunds 06/18/10 8:53 pm PST

    Here's a link about all the failures:

    Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems

  • isellhondas 07/17/10 2:10 pm PST

    CRV's did not have "massive" AC compresdsor problems. This whole thing is hugely overblown as are most things that show up in "problem" forums.

    Shops are so leary about trying to save a customer money these days.

    If they try to cut corners by not replacing an item and that item fails then they are the bad guys. Shops learn quickly that trying to save a customer money can often backfire.

    Me, I would take a chance.

  • texases 07/17/10 3:23 pm PST

    Well, I based that off of both comments on forums and the fact that 2004 CRV is the only year where 'climate control' is listed as 'much worse than average' on Consumer Reports, the next year it went back up to 'better than average'. So there was some kind of a problem that year, it would seem.


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