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  • morin2 08/19/10 11:00 pm PST

    You can go to any Mazda dealer for warranty work and any mechanic for non-warranty work. Just don't buy any extended dealer service plan (or anything else) in the F&I closing room at the distant dealership.

    Some selling dealers offer free first oil changes if you return there - that's about all you'd lose. And you'd be better off going where you are comfortable and forgo the free oil change. I had my car hit from behind at the dealer when I returned for its first oil change. Two weeks ago, my son returned to his dealer for his first free oil change and he saw the mechanic drive the car out of the service bay and park too close to a hedge, force open the driver's door into the thick hedge and deeply scratch the door.

    I would minimize any visits to any dealer service dept and don't let the car out of your sight if you must use them.

  • Stever@Edmunds 08/20/10 12:52 pm PST

    Occasionally a selling dealer will go to bat for you with the manufacturer if you have a problem.

    But usually the repair side is separate from the sales side at the dealerships, so they probably don't care. The manufacturer usually cares more that you had the car maintained at an official dealer, but doesn't care which dealer you actually use.

    The Secret Warranty

    You may want to give the good dealer a chance to get close to the lousy dealer's price.


  • isellhondas 08/20/10 1:21 pm PST

    Is it all about price?

    Do you really want to drive a great distance to deal with a store that has a bad reputation?

    If their reputation is that bad, there is a good chance they have "lowballed" you just to get you in the door. When you arrive, they may not have the car or the price may change.

    I used to have to deal with this all of the time.

    Instead of doing this, why not go back to your local dealer and say...

    " I really wan't to buy the car here but I've been given a better price elsewhere"

    They will probably match the price to keep you as a customer and if they don't have the exact color you want, they may be able to do a dealer trade and get it.

    Any store can do your service work but it's possible you'll get better treatment if they know you bought your car there.


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