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  • 0patience 08/20/10 3:05 pm PST

    Check the lemon laws in your state, you vehicle may qualify as a lemon. probably not, since you waited so long.

    But you may want to get a consultation with an attorney.

  • Stever@Edmunds 08/20/10 3:39 pm PST

    Some states set a dollar limit on the amount of repairs that can be done to a new car and still be allowed to be sold as new.

    You may be able to get some advice from your consumer protection agency or you may want to call your local bar association and see if they offer a program where you can get an initial consultation with a lawyer free or cheap.

    The most famous case involving dealer crap like this is doctor who sued BMW for not disclosing that his car had been in a wreck.

    BMW v Gore


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