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  • Stever@Edmunds 04/02/09 11:27 pm PST

    Double check in your owner's manual but the usual recommendation is to keep the same brand and size of tire on all four wheels and keep them within a certain size relative to each other.

    If your other three tires are pretty new, some tire shops will put a new tire on a lathe type machine and shave it down to match the circumference of the other three tires. If your tires are older and worn, then the savings may not be worth much if you have to replace the other three tires in a year anyway.

    The Tire Rack has a good article on the subject.

    Tires are frequently on sale. Discount Tire (aka American Tire) is running a sale on some sets of Michelin and BFGoodrich ($70 off) for two more days (expires 4/4/09), and Tire Rack has some $50 off coupons currently on their site.

    Both those sites have owner reviews and you can get tire suggestions at the Sequoia Tires and Wheels discussion on CarSpace.

  • tony78 04/03/09 12:20 am PST

    some cars are awd all the time,,if your car is awd all the time,,then ,,yes,,you have to replace all of the tires.

    some cars become awd when you push a button or turn a lever and they can be switched from 2 wheel drive to all wheel drive,,by the driver,,if your vehicle has this ability,,and you keep the lever or button set to 2 wheel drive,,then you can change 1 tire.

    but if you were to switch the lever to the awd or the 4wd mode,,then you could cause damage to the transmission.

  • morin2 04/03/09 1:42 pm PST

    Even though someone gave Tony78 a thumbsdown, I think he's mostly right, although I would not replace 1 tire. This should also be addressed in your owner's manual. The answer depends on whether this is AWD or 4x4. If its a part-time 4x4 system, then I don't think its necessary to replace all 4 tires. Four new would be optimal, especially if the remaining tires have 40K miles on them, but replacing say, both rear tires of a part-time 4x4 with similar design tires would be acceptable. If you have an AWD, then yes - you should replace all four.

    When replacing tires on either 4x4 or AWD vehicles, consider sidewall strength. I have always had great luck with BFG All-Terrain T/A tires. If you need an aggressive tread, those used to be the only commonly available & reasonably priced tire with 3 ply sidewalls and likely have more sidewall strength than your present tires. They could still be punctured by a nail, but they are, IMO, less likely to experience sidewall problems that lead to this question.

  • retired20 01/12/12 3:50 pm PST

    i have a jeep grand charokeee 4x4 14,000 miles one tire is bad do i need to replace all 4


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