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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/01/09 10:36 am PST

    On a leased car? Absolutely not. That's like buying protection for a rental car. You are allowed a certain amount of normal wear and tear in your lease anyway and your windshield is protected by your insurance, and your tires by a tire warranty.

  • karjunkie 06/01/09 10:47 am PST

    I fully agree with mr. shiftright! It is absurd to buy an extended warranty on a leased vehicle. If you decide to keep the car you can buy an extended warranty while it is still under the manufacturer's warranty towards the end of the lease.

  • tony78 06/01/09 10:54 am PST

    I really don't think it is worth it,,,,but the dealer sure does.

    I went to the NSD website,,,and in the first sentence it says " NSD products designed to increase your profits ".

    That sounds like an increase of the dealers profits.

    Exactly how much is this package ?

    For about $ 30.00 dollars a year,,AAA insurance offers a roadside assistance plan.

    The 5 largest insurance companies provide the glass and dent protection as part of comprehensive coverage ( required on a lease / new car purchase ) Average rate $ 25.00 a year + your insurance premium cost.

    Quite a number of nationwide tire retailers will warranty your tires on a new car,,even though they did not install the tires. ( America's Tire and their affiliate stores )

  • boomchek 06/01/09 2:47 pm PST

    From what it sounds like this package is not an extended warranty but rather a "peace of mind" type deal on a leased vehicle where you don't have to wrry about excess wear and tear on your lease vehicle when you return it.

    How much does this package cost in total? How long is your lease for?

    Do you take good care of your vehicles, whether leased or owned?

    If you don't and your car comes back with numerous dings, curbed alloy wheels, and chips in the windishield when the lease is up, then you'll be stuck paying for those. If you think that all of those will add up to more than what this package is costing you, then by all means get it.

    If you do look after your vehicles, and take good care of them, and you don't believe that when your lease expires your car will look beat up, then no, there's no point in getting this.


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