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  • karjunkie 07/03/10 8:59 am PST

    Social security is a retirement benefit you earn by paying into the system for a number of years. It is not lost for any reason other than if you continue to work after you begin to recieve benefits and earn over a certain amount per year. What you do with your social security payments or the rest of your money is entirely your business and does not affect your right to buy or cosign for a car.

  • stephen987 07/03/10 9:25 am PST

    Is your income enough for you to afford a car? Do you have a good credit record? If so, no one cares whether your income comes from work, or from Social Security, or from any other source, as long as it's a reliable source of income.

  • 04350 07/03/10 1:10 pm PST

    Most lenders are looking for at least 20% down. If you have that, you should be OK.
    At least they already know that your SS benefits can't be garnished (except by the feds).


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