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  • Stever@Edmunds 03/05/11 4:39 pm PST

    It's not typical or common. It may be an "internet" price but is the dealer delivering the car anywhere? Or is is just sitting on their lot?

    Sounds like just additional dealer profit to me.

  • knowledgepower 03/05/11 5:13 pm PST

    You never pay freight on a used vehicle because it arrives at the dealership in so many ways to include being driven on the lot as a trade-in. If they try to pull the freight gobble-de-goop just say no I'm not paying it, but in most cases it won't happen.

  • ford91 04/02/11 4:09 pm PST

    You should not have to pay a freight fee. Nor should you pay a dealer prep fee.


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