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  • tony78 08/14/08 8:33 am PST

    A service book can be purchased at napa,autozone, kragen/schucks, pepboys etc.

    Remember gasoline is explosive,,no smoking, flames or sparks or any other sources of ignition nearby.

    Even gasoline fumes are explosive.

    Fuel tank must be completely draind prior to starting work.

    Have a class a-b-c fire extinguisher avail in case of fire.

    Safety first.

  • waggawee 08/14/08 11:04 am PST

    You dont need to empty your gas tank to change the fuel pump. Just pull the little 8' bolts around it and disconnect the electrical connector and take time take up the plate where you pull the bolts. The pump is attach to it along with the gauge. Do the reverse to re-install and make sure the clamps are done tightly. And yes no smoking while your working on the pump. It's as simple as that, you dont need a digram to change your pump.

    Source: auto electrican


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