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  • waggawee 08/08/08 12:14 am PST

    hope i can help out, now the first thing i need to know is if you hear the gas pump comes in when you turn the ignitition on? If not check this fuse, it will lable ( EFI) and if that fuse is ok I need you to check a relay in the engine compartment, the relay is an ( EFI) relay. This control the gas pump and if you use igniter. You wont get fuel pressure because the gas pump is not getting any current. Yhen if it has a bolt on igniter you should be getting ignition current, plus cranking current and grounds and pulse to go to the injectors. If you are getting all of that then you need to go further with you checking like computer problem. But look if you are getting your check engine light, that will ensure you that your computer is powering up. one more thing where the EFI relay make checks that your getting ground and + and ignition + as well. You can change the relay with another as long as they carry the same amount of legs, and format. And make me know of the out come ok. ( Waggawee)

    Source: Auto electrican


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