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  • texases 03/29/12 1:06 pm PST

    You'll need to tell us what the code is, many parts stores will read it for you for free. But one cheap thing to do is buy a new gas cap and make sure it's on tight every time. A loose or leaking gas cap will throw a code.

  • george923 03/29/12 6:16 pm PST

    The code was PO456 and the gas cap has been replaced.

  • texases 03/29/12 6:28 pm PST

    That's a problem with the evaporative control system, read more here:

    Has the light come back on after replacing the gas cap? Do you 'top off' the tank? Don't, stop filling at the first 'click'. It's not something to 'throw parts at', it sounds like there are clear steps to diagnose what's wrong.

  • george923 03/29/12 6:34 pm PST

    I replaced the gas cap first and when the light came back on the mechanic replaced the Evap Detector. I do not top off the tank. When the pump kicks off I stop.


  • texases 03/29/12 6:36 pm PST

    Then they'll need to run some of the tests described in the link, it might be a cracked/leaking hose or connector.


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