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  • ScMotoz 12/24/08 1:47 pm PST

    I too have a 2007 Jeep Compass With a 5- Spd. I have 21000 miles on it.. To answer your question, Yes there is a problem. I have had 3 transmissions. Especiall when it is raining and wet and/or cold outside. Be careful not to break the shifter link -- If it is hard to get into gear at times, do not force it. I did this and the dealership made me pay for the $500 + part. Saying that it was my fault. The problem is due to faulty synchro's in the transmission. Truth is that this car is the biggest piece of junk on earth. Don't expect much from chrysler, I had to sue them to fix some warranty stuff. Good luck. And get that fixed.

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