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  • tallman1 12/30/07 9:26 pm PST

    Some stations on XM have short commercials and some don't. It seems that several of the 10 40 type of stations, the comedy stations, news, and sports have them. Other popular music channels do not.

    You can't skip them.

  • madmanmoo 12/31/07 9:47 am PST

    It sure does. It certainly has less than normal radio, but you've still got advertisements on there.

    That's a negative on the TIVO part. You should hum to yourself while the commercials are on and you won't have to hear them.

  • greanpea68 01/03/08 6:16 pm PST

    Most of your stations that play 80's, 70's, classical etc won't have commercials. But when you get to talk staions or comedy stations, etc. you will get commercials.

    That is for both Sirrius and XM


  • extremebigdog 01/05/08 12:31 pm PST

    Yes they have commercials, and lots of them. The worst part is that they are utterly useless commercials. Most are targeted to nationwide customers because the same stations play across the nation. This makes for a lot of annoying ads that have no relevance. At least with local stations there is something interesting every once in awhile.

    Sure there are a few stations without commercials but as soon as you find one you like they add commercials to it.

  • aznraptor 01/08/08 2:35 am PST

    XM radio is still like normal radio in that it plays real-time and theres no fast forwarding. But in general, only non-music channels have commercials and they're relatively short and not very often. Radio Disney on XM has ads but that doesn't really count.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/09/08 1:31 pm PST

    Both XM and Sirius have limited commercials, yes. I just hit the mute button.


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