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  • bandit10 05/03/09 12:33 am PST

    I believe you can get one from www.edmunds.com or www.autozone.com I find Autozones easy to navigate thru and user friendly with photos and diagrams.

  • docj 05/03/09 12:37 am PST

    Go to Autozone.com
    Register to view their free vehicle repair diagrams...
    Input your vehicle information
    Then click on Vehicle Repair guides.
    Then click on Engine Mechanical to view belt routing diagram.

    Doc J

  • asemaster 12/07/10 8:33 am PST

    No need to sign up for anything just enter application see SBFD00002 diagram link. http://partfinder.veyance.com/

  • greatestmind 03/28/11 9:16 pm PST

    From the ZX2 I did you start at the Power Steering Pump pulley (around the outside). Down to the A/C Compressor Pulley (stay on the outside). Left to the Crankshaft Pulley (the outside). Now go right pass the Water Pump Pulley to the Automatic Belt Tensioner Pulley (around the outside). Back to the Water Pump Pulley (over the top). Lower right to he Idler Pulley (underneath). Angle upper right to the Alternator Pulley(around the outside). Finally downward right to the final Idler Pulley (underneath). Note: You can start routing the belt anywhere you like, to make it comfortable for you to loosen the Automatic Tensioner Pulley. Hope this helps.


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