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  • roland3 12/19/09 9:19 am PST

    ... Very little; however to me it's a feel thing. Depending on speed and what gear it goes down to. If it does not feel too harsh, then it's not. Of course, your tranny does down-shift itself, but it is at it's mildest and offers very little braking. If it feels harsh you might scrub off another five or ten MPH with the brakes before you pull it down manually another gear.

  • snowball2 12/19/09 7:15 pm PST

    if you want to down shift buy a standard,automatics are not made to this on a everyday basis,unless it is setup for sport like ths subaru,300m anything with tiptronic shifting,you are causing a symptom called shift shock which will cause codes and reduce the life of your engine and trans mounts


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