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  • madmanmoo 12/31/07 11:54 am PST

    No, it sure doesn't. Tires fall under normal wear/tear on a vehicle which is not covered by your warranty. Normal maintenance like tire care, oil changes, and fluid refills are your responsibility.

    Break out that checkbook and start spending!

  • PMO 02/26/10 8:00 pm PST

    GM yes if you bought the coverage when you bought the car/truck. I had a simular nail in tire and was told the coverage came out after I bought.

  • alaskanj 02/26/10 8:43 pm PST

    Brooms have tires????

    LOL couldnt help it I just had to...LMFAO:)

  • handmotors 03/17/11 6:02 pm PST

    The manufacturer of the car/truck does not cover the tires for Road Hazard. Please check with your selling dealer though, as some dealers will include some limited form of road hazard protection. If not, you can purchase a Tire and Wheel road hazard plan for 5 years unlimited miles. Make sure it covers BOTH the tires and wheels, as some companies exclude wheel coverage if the tire itself does not need to be replaced as a result of the failure.


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