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    1. CAUTION: During this procedure, the system that you are programming will be made to operate. Make sure that people or objects are clear of the garage door or gate being programmed. Verify the hand-held transmitter is operative.

    2. Prepare for programming the universal transmitter by erasing all three channels (hold down the two outside buttons until the red light begins to flash). Release both buttons.
    3. Select one of the three universal transmitter channels to be programmed by pressing the desired button.
    4. Hold the end of the hand-held transmitter 25-51 mm (1-2 in) from the front surface of the universal transmitter so that the red light can still be seen.

    5. NOTE: For Canadian vehicles only: during programming, the hand-held transmitter may automatically stop transmitting after two seconds , which may not be long enough to program the universal transmitter. If programming this type of hand-held transmitter, continue to hold the button on the universal transmitter while re-pressing the hand-held transmitter button every two seconds . Use both hands to press the hand-held transmitter button and the desired button on the universal transmitter. Do not release either button.
    6. Hold down both buttons until the red light on the universal transmitter flashes, first slowly and then rapidly. Release both buttons when the rapid flashing begins. The universal transmitter has successfully learned the new frequency signal and can be used in place of the hand-held transmitter(s).
    7. NOTE: If the hand-held transmitter appears to program the universal transmitter but does not open the garage door, the garage door opener may have a code protected or rolling code feature. To operate, simply press the appropriate button on the universal transmitter. The red light is on while the signal is being transmitted. Training a Garage Door Opener Equipped With Rolling Codes

    1. Program the hand-held transmitter to the universal transmitter.
    2. Train the garage door opener receiver to recognize the universal transmitter.

    1 Remove the cover panel from the garage door opener receiver.
    2 Locate the training button on the garage door opener receiver. Location and color of the button may vary by garage door opener manufacturer. Refer to the garage door opener instruction manual or owner literature.
    3 Press the training button on the garage door opener receiver for 1-2 seconds .
    4 Press the programmed universal transmitter button for as long as the universal transmitter red light flashes (1-2 seconds) . Release the button and re-press the button to confirm that the universal transmitter is trained to the receiver.
    5 The garage door opener should recognize the universal transmitter.

    Erasing Channels

    1. NOTE: Individual channels cannot be erased, but can be reprogrammed using the procedures for programming. To erase all three programmed channels, hold down the two outside buttons until the red light begins to flash (20-30 seconds) . Release both buttons.


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