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  • karjunkie 10/10/09 10:42 am PST

    I change my fuel filter every 2 years as it is cheap and easy and helps prolong the fuel pump life. The fuel filter on your truck is hidden behind a mounting bracket. It is in front of the gas tank on the cross member. You can see it (or rather, see the mounting bracket) if you are in front of the gas tank and looking back toward the rear of the car. Crawl under the car in front of the rear driver's side wheel. Look at the gas tank (on the passenger's side) now look up a little and more towards the center of the vehicle. You'll see it.

  • morin2 10/10/09 10:56 am PST

    With the poor quality E10 gasoline we use now, changing fuel filters is one of the most under-rated maintenance items. I know boaters who now change their fuel filter every time they go out, and keep spares onboard.

    You are lucky that your fuel filter is easily accessible and doesn't require dropping the fuel tank. I think access to the fuel filter is an important item to consider when shopping for a vehicle - now more than ever before.


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