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  • 0patience 06/20/08 1:42 am PST

    no cabin filter on that vehicle.

  • mohannadq 06/26/10 6:02 pm PST

    hi there

    i believe you have to check the blower motor resister its next to blower motor under the dash board passenger side and its fixed by 2 screws you have to let elicitation to check or you un screw t the blower motor wear gloves grab it and let it work in first, second ,third and last speed and see if it function well if not you have to change the blower motor resister then let some one clean the evaporator core for you they may charge you extra $ for it because they have to remove the howl thing so I recommend passing by al Maha car accessories in al Tayser gas station in your way to vilago as you live in Doha and buy evaporator cleaner the brand is MR mechanic read the instruction and apply it .

    Regarding the cabin filter im not sure but I think yes it has a filter and it behind the gloves compartment if you open it you can see it behind it before doing that double check the car manual A/c section double check wish this will help


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