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  • texases 07/14/08 10:10 am PST

    Did this window stop working all at once, or did it get worse over time? If it got worse over time, the motor's giving out. If all at once, maybe a connection.
    Do you hear the click when the other windows operate? If not, locate what's 'clicking' - maybe a bad relay?

    Just some suggestions, I'm no expert on these, just had to fix mine.

  • bulldog67 07/05/12 9:10 pm PST

    The click that you hear near the fuse box is probably the relay that sends power to the motor. The amount of electricity that is required to run the window motor would be too great to run through the switch on your door so the switch operates a relay that has a greater current carrying capability to get electricity to the motor. It sounds like the switch is doing its job, its turning the relay on and off. Assuming that the relay is allowing electricity to go to the motor, we have to assume that it is the motor. The motor on my Windstar is made by Bosch and it is a sealed unit. By that, I mean that there are no vent openings. This motor has brushes inside that wear with age. As the brushes wear, the material they are made of accumulates inside the motor until the motor is bound up and will not turn. It is possible to open the motor up and dump the material out but getting it back together is another story. Buying a new one off the net is about a 45 dollar outlay. The drivers window is usually the first to go because it is used the most. Incidentally, this is a close quarters job that will have you talking to yourself. Good Luck!


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