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  • sylvia 10/21/08 6:35 pm PST

    It would help if you had put which make and model (click answer this question to add so that I can follow-up) but in general you should:

    1. Look at the fuse on the fuse panel to make sure it isn't burned out
    2. Look at the wiring under the seat - in some cases wires come loose. Do be careful as a short could spark a fire under your behind
    3. The heating element/core may have malfunctioned/is in need of repair.

    You should also check to see if there are any Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's) or recalls on your vehicle for the heated seats. If so, it could be that the dealer would repair this for you without charge.

  • dawnsballoon 10/22/08 8:49 am PST

    Sorry, it's a 1999 Ford Expedition. According to the fuse diagram there is only one fuse for both seats, and the passenger seat works, so that is why I didn't think it was a fuse, I also had checked the connections under the driver seat to make sure they were still connected.


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