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  • karjunkie 09/13/08 6:25 pm PST

    I suspect it's just your ignition switch malfunctioning and not shutting off. Thats why it tells you the key is still in. I would try replacing it as it is not an expensive repair and go from there.

  • kiawah 10/28/08 7:33 am PST

    I don't have the electrical schematics for your specific vehicle, but on many the switch has a couple of circuits thru it, and one powers a relay (to handle a greater current than the switch itself can handle). When that relay is energized, it provides power to a number of the fused circuits that 'come on' when you turn on the ignition.

    With the symptoms of staying on, it could be the relay or the switch, but the relay is more likely and easier to swap out....so I'd suggest starting there.


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