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  • tysonhorlacher 03/31/13 1:18 pm PST

    I just wanted to add more information after I have done some more testing.

    The battery after charged to hold 12.6 volts remaines at 12.6 volts after 36 hours of unconnected time.

    The Amp Drain pulled from the battery drops in increments.

    at first it says it is between .27 and.3 amps pulled.

    After 23 seconds it drops to .25 amps pulled

    At 33 seconds it drops to .13 amps pulled

    At 43 Seconds it drops to .05 amps pulled.

    At 63 seconds it drops to .03 amps pulled.

    These figures are timed from the time that I complete the circut between the battery post and the disconnected battery cable (from the time of battery connection with all the doors closed (hood open))


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