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  • karjunkie 06/14/09 3:43 pm PST

    Make sure the spark plug wires are attached correctly. If you have points, check the gap. If the gap is too tight, it will backfire on load. Put a vacuum gauge on it. If it flutters rapid at idle and smoothes out under a little throttle, look at the valve adjustment, guides seals, burned or stuck valves or broken springs. Spray carb cleaner or starter fluid around the manifold with it running, if it speeds up at any point, you have a vacuum leak. Check your EGR valve. Under full vacuum it should stall the engine, no vacuum it should idle fine, If not clean or replace it. Another source of an induction leak is the EGR to MANIFOLD gasket. Check with carb cleaner. Check your PCV valve If it's sticking open due to dirt it will suck ambient air and OIL into the induction system causing it to backfire on acceleration.

  • cooper1275 07/10/09 3:45 pm PST

    I was having the same problem checked timing,tappets,spark plug gaps,leaky manfold,
    It was none of thoughs thing's so i changed the dizzy cap, rotor arm, and the condenser all brand new and this done the trick hope this help's!!!!


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