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  • texases 09/19/08 2:16 pm PST

    FWD usually stands for 'front wheel drive', but not sure why it would have such a light. Which model is it? Some had AWD, some didn't. Does it have an owner's manual?

  • nmart 09/20/08 8:13 am PST

    I seen the Owners manual and it said that the FWD light if on means the awd has been disengaged for mechanical service or other types of related reasons. Guess it is from having problems to having it stopped to do away with the AWD. guess it can be from many reason since the owner book only has a short sentence about it

  • jhemingway 09/05/13 8:11 pm PST

    Hi being along time unanswed !! The FWD light when ON means it is Front Wheel Drive !! There is a fuse on the RIGHT HAND side under the bonnet (hood) closer too the windscreen than front of the vehicle & it has AWD written on the cap.Lift the cap & it is supposed to have a FUSE init ( with fuse is AWD ) & the light on your instrument panel ( FWD ) will go out !! NO FUSE & ( FWD ) will light up. Hope this helps you.
    Cheers John -- New Member.


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