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  • bandit10 07/08/08 4:22 am PST

    The answer is simple. The gearing is designed for the speed your traveling at, and if you keep the trans in a higher gear you lower your RPM's but you'll get what's called lugging because the speed and gear ratio aren't in harmony, and that will cause sludge, poor performance, laboring on the drive train. Drive the car the way it should be driven, and don't worry about mileage. Your not going to save that much. And your car will be bucking because of the too high gear ratio in relation to actual low speed being driven.

  • texases 07/08/08 10:30 am PST

    Bandit's right, you won't make much difference shifting at 2000 vs 2500 rpm, and you definitly want to avoid lugging the engine, which can happen at 1000 rpm and below. You do want to get to 5th gear as soon as it reasonably (big emphasis) makes sense. Bigger gains are to be had through gentle acceleration, avoiding high speeds, and anticipating slowing down. Don't downshift to slow, use the brakes, they're cheaper to replace than the clutch.


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