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  • actualsize 04/17/08 1:38 am PST

    The indicator and the transmission seem to be in sych. Both went into "N" and stayed there together, so the gear position switch in the transmission seems to be talking properly to the indicator lamp on the dash. Not surprising then, that the fuses are OK.

    The shifter itself seems the odd man out, which makes me think it has come adrift from the shift cable or linkage that connects it to the transmission. I'm not sure how that freezes the lever in park, but if the linkage is disconnected, it could have become jammed. Hard to tell without feeling how it moved before and after it froze.

  • fordfan_17 04/17/08 6:09 pm PST

    the ford escape uses the CD4E transaxle it has a common problem of breaking the bushing on the transmission end of the shift cable which could be causing your problem if the shifter cable has become disconnected in the neutral position the pcm see's neutral signal from the MLPS(manual lever position sensor)and does not activate the shift lock solenoid when the brakes are pressed check the shifter under the hood where it connects to the shift cable. if its not connected move the shift lever on the trans to match the cable and reattach it to repair either replace the cable (50-75.00) or with small drill put a hole big enough for a small cotter key in the very end of the shifter put a thin washer and a cotter key back on to prevent the shift cable from coming off again


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