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  • snoofy 12/07/08 11:44 pm PST

    Try screwing the piston in clockwise, some Ford vehicles used screw type pistons.

  • mcable 01/03/09 9:40 pm PST

    The left and right screw in, one way or the other (clockwise/counter clockwise). Some auto parts stores carry a very inexpensive (maybe $6) tool that fits on the end of your 3/8 socket extention for this. Had the same issue with a 92 Buick Regal with rear disk breaks.


  • vonoretn 02/10/09 9:09 pm PST

    For the left rear (Driver's side) you turn the brake piston clockwise, and on the right rear side you turn the piston counterclockwise. If you start wrong on the right side, you might have to get the internal thread started again by pushing on the brake pedal, with something in the caliper to keep the piston from coming out. Hope this helps, good luck.

  • curleef 08/15/10 1:16 pm PST

    Ford Five Hundred rear brakes. How do you compress the piston to install new brake pads?

    I have a 2005 Ford 500 and am trying to replace the rear brake pads. I have the calliper off but I need to get the piston to compress in order to get the new pads on. I have tried with a C clamp and loosened bleeder but the piston still does not go in.

  • jchung 11/13/10 1:07 am PST

    I went to Checker Auto Parts and rented (for free) this Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set. Within 15 minutes i changed both my rear brake pads. But Remember, turn clock-wise for the drivers side and counter clock-wise for the passenger rear. Oh, one more thing, don't forget to pump your hand/foot break when your done. ALOHA!(:

  • akaprophet 09/08/13 1:52 am PST

    2005 Ford 500 limited, you need the tool for sure. autozone has them also. You will have to remove the 1/2 bolts on backside of caliper to use the tool period. this only takes a few minutes and goes back together even faster.
    after two hours on the first rear brake, I found this site and your comments which helped but was missing the part about removing the screws so caliper would seperate so I could use tool.
    keep posting.

  • aumiller84 09/28/13 12:44 am PST

    I did not see this question tell i had already tried the tool (the wrong way) and it pulled the piston further out and could not get the tool in the right way. (Piston was too far out) so i put pressure on it with a C clamp with bleed valve cracked and used channel locks to turn the piston counter clockwise. (Rear passanger side) it pushed it in quite a bit. Then closed the valve and used the tool the rest of the way.

  • txpi136 10/22/13 1:11 pm PST

    The person who invented this system should be beaten!!!! I have the recommended tool system, but it is pretty much useless on the right, rear brake as it only works with the pressure plate when turning clockwise. I have been messing with this stupid thing for two hours now trying to get the piston to compress!!!!


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