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  • karjunkie 12/31/08 11:06 am PST

    Go to your local NAPA, AutoZone or Advanced Auto Parts store and have them hook up an OBDII scanner to get the diagnostic trouble codes. The DTC will tell you exactly whats wrong and save you hundreds of $$$$ in mispent or misdiagnosed repairs. Once you have the DTCs, come on back to this site and we will try and help you. Good luck!

  • coldcranker 01/06/09 8:06 pm PST

    I have a Freestyle, and know that it has a "drive-by-wire" throttle control. That means the accelerator pedal sends an electrical signal to the engine throttle instead of the more conventional way of having a mechanical linkage between accel pedal and engine throttle. There have been some people reporting malfunctions in the accel pedal electronics, the part that sends the throttle commands (your foot's wishes) to the engine. Also, the engine has electronics that receives your foot's wishes, and that may be suspect as well. The OBDII codes the engine computer stored down should be able to provide clues as to what is wrong. The Freestyle's engine computer tries to diagnose itself as you drive, storing down codes in its computer memory, to give clues a mechanic can understand to fix the thing. See the above post for info on how to get those codes, or a Ford dealer or any mechanic can read those codes, too, for a price.

  • mrachedi 06/29/10 2:59 pm PST

    Past week end the wrench light on dash came on three separate times on 2007 ford freestyle that has +72,000 miles on it. Went to dealer after doing internet search on condition that had two pages of hits about problem. They performed 9926A Throttle Body air intake replace, two quick diagnosis tests, and installed 6F9Z 9E926 throttle control test and replace. The Throttle parts were all back ordered which tells me there is a problem with parts. Dealer found parts and after 4 hour wait checked out.

    We had extended warranty that expires at 77,000 miles. Charge labor and partsonly cost us our $50 deductible amount. Total was over $600 to fix.


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