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  • kemico 08/17/08 1:02 am PST

    Double check your wiring and make sure all connections are good. Also look for shorts on the wire harnesses for your fuel injectors, ignition coil and crankshaft sensor. Follow up with the ocnnections of the computer which should be on the passenger side or under your heater at shin level in the middle of the cab.

  • eddieking1957 08/31/08 1:26 am PST

    I had a 94 Ranger several years ago. I had almost the same problem. No spark and the coil tested ok. I found that the timing belt had snapped. That caused the coil not to work along w/ the distrib. Good luck. I replaced the belt, the truck started up fine after that. Thing is, I ha dthe timing off and had to get the timing reset


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