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  • zaken1 03/15/09 12:37 am PST

    They made a 3.0 flex-fuel motor in some 2000 Taurus models; but the VIN code was different than in the 3.0 Ranger flex-fuel motor. That means there are some significant tuning differences. Some of those differences may be in internal engine parts. Because of that, I would be very careful. The information you were given may be right; but the surest way to sort his out would be to contact an auto wrecker who has a parts interchange book. That book would list whether or not the engine parts are interchangeable.

  • sprescott 10/12/09 8:57 pm PST

    I don't think so.I do know for shure that there is a difference between the FWD 3.8 and the RWD 3.8 .there is a marking on the block.


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