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  • bandit10 05/25/08 9:09 pm PST

    First disconnect the Negitive battery cable. Wait about a minute, then drive. If that doesn't do it a sensor could have blown out. Because the Cruise worked before the jump start. Then bring it too AutoZone or another parts retailer and have them run a diagnostic check. They do it for free.

  • evilsharky 05/25/08 9:11 pm PST

    drive with the neg cable off and see if the cruise control comes on and engages correct?

  • obyone 05/25/08 10:14 pm PST

    Car won't start without the neg cable hooked up. Won't run for long either.

  • evilsharky 08/11/08 1:18 pm PST


    I wanted to thank you for all the help. Sorry for the delay I lost my email and just got them al back. I did all the steps provided with no luck. I noticed another problem going on. The gas pedel kept sticking. This happened several times. I kept trying the cruse control with out anyluck. I thought the problems were related. Well it turns out they were. The day before I was going to take the car in to have it looked it the gas pedel stuck again and I pushed the cruise control on. It held and I was able to turn it off. From that point it worked fine. I can only guess the computer needed to relearn the cruise control settings. Just wanted to update you. This took about 6 days to sort it self out. Orignally this happened on a friday and was fixed by the following Thrusday. Just in case you never heard of this happening. Once again thanks for all the help.


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